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Golden Minds is a branding agency that thinks big and delivers results to its clients!

We create turnkey brands and rebrand existing ones. Our range of services includes complete market analysis, development of a brand strategy and positioning, naming, packaging design, and creation of all elements of the corporate identity. We also establish a brand communication system, taking into account all marketing nuances.

Golden Minds branding agency is capable of solving several tasks: strengthening the loyalty of the target audience, reducing advertising costs, increasing the value of the product, and creating a positive brand image. Additionally, our team can deal with any problem our customers might have.

We are members of international design associations
Corporate Website «Dekob Technology» We developed a corporate website for the Turkish company Dekob Technology. The existing logo of the company featuring an elephant inspired us to use fluid lines in the pattern and in the design of the web project itself. Logo «Vohha» A new logo for the Turkish premium restaurant VOHHA. Turkish cuisine is a treasure trove of real taste. So is our logo - it is bright and juicy. There are no unnecessary parts; it is stylish and consistent, like a recipe for the most delicious dish that ages gracefully with time. Logo «Mediva» Mediva is elegant, she flutters like a butterfly. Her wings, exquisitely graceful like golden threads, form a symmetrical and colorful pattern of mysterious beauty. Logo «Avocado» We created a new logo for the first online eco-market. Did you know that avocado pulp is rich in vitamins and important minerals? We found out about it when we were designing the logo. Case «Kangoo Delivery » The original idea of the Golden Minds designers who created a corporate identity for the express courier service Kangoo Delivery was a pleasant surprise. Case «Alazor» The Alazor company is a large manufacturer of building materials. Their goal is to dominate the sector. The company is just entering the market using European technologies. Our task was to develop the entire brand concept and bring it to the market. Case «Onling» We creatively approached the tasks given to us. We came up with the naming concept, designed the logo and corporate identity for the Onling training center, which provides certified online language courses. We are proud of our work and the happy smile of our client! Case «HUMO Partners» We can proudly state that we were responsible for the entire development of the brand book for HUMO Partners, a large holding that unites eleven companies and three projects. Case «Union Space» We developed a logo and corporate identity for "Union Space Group" which is leading the rating of the largest retailers of clothing, accessories, sports equipment, interior items, and home decor brands such as Boss, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, etc.